We thought it worth putting up a summary of the club’s position to keep members and friends of the club up to speed with the state of play.  It’s only a general statement but, hopefully, will give a fair impression of where we stand, what we’ve accomplished in two years and an idea of the year ahead.

In order to put the summary into context please be aware of the Terms and Conditions page found elsewhere on the site. In brief the club is run totally at Norah’s discretion and under those terms and conditions.


The first year was tough. A couple of initial purchases were slow to get onto the track and Black Ace Rumble didn’t even get there. So whilst the club began, originally in January, we put back membership to 1st March. Hence why our club year is from March 1st for twelve months, annually.

Wimbledon raced, generally, twice a week, and prize money was somewhat limited. The twelve months March 1st 2011 to Feb 28th 2012 provided £2011 prize money. This resulted in a major deficit against purchases, training and vets fees, notwithstanding receipts from membership.

This deficit was made good by Norah who, rather than keeping the training fees,  re-contributed them back to the club.

This meant that instead of the club having no carried forward funds, it was in pretty good shape entering our second year, 2012/2013. Membership was strong and we had a decent group of dogs, especially with Wendy, Lenny and Oscar paying their way for the club through the summer and autumn.

On the downside Woody (Fleetwood Rocker) had injuries, eventually retired, and Droopys Ellen has proven a major disappointment.  Also the final quarter (from middish December) had most dogs off with injury or sickness, Wendy being the significant exception.

Last year the club won £9104 in prize money – an enormous difference to year one! Nevertheless, we have had five or six dogs in training for most of the year. Training fees are costed out at £250 per club hound per month, this includes VAT when applicable, ordinary vets fees and any further incidental costs.

So again we finished the year with a deficit between training costs, greyhound purchases and other relatively minor expenditures and income from membership and prize money. Norah has re-contributed the deficit back to the club for this year 2013/14.

As we begin our third year (2013/14), we find ourselves in pretty good shape. We’ve a full club strength from a canine perspective, including useful prospect Memories Leah, still a pup, due back from season in May, and Classy Molly also a young pup, trialing imminently.  We’ve Oscar, Lenny and Wendy all still young enough to complete another year, running now. Horse Outside is expected to be back sometime in May.

Membership for this year is going well – we’re about 60% full, so can accommodate another fifteen or so members before reaching our cap of forty. Our current balance in the bank is a little over £6,000 made up from this year’s membership AND Norah’s contribution (as a rebate) from last year’s training fee deficit.

Norah’s contribution has, effectively, enabled us to pay for Classy Molly and have £6,000 going forward. Set aside from previous subscriptions within the £6,000 is £1,800 for welfare and retirement/rehoming, as well as £1,000 for extraordinary vets costs.

So we have the prospect of additional income from the sale of the remaining shares, as well as just over £3,000 spare in the bank toward a further purchase during this club year as well as the occasional sponsorship and promotion. This, on the basis that Norah continues to generously under-write the prospect of a prize money/training fee deficit come year end.

There are no management costs incurred in running the club as all the co-ordinators are volunteers, and occasionally contribute, themselves, financially towards minor incidental club costs.

Some club funds are used for sponsorship to promote the club but the cost/benefits are weighed up carefully and expenditure is limited, focus is on securing as much free publicity as possible.

Social events are geared to be self-funding.


Having at least four, though usually five or six, greyhounds in the club strength is expensive relative to the subscription charge and capped membership.  The club continues to thrive on the basis of Norah’s generosity and the volunteered help from the co-ordinators and other friends of the club. Prize money at Hove is great and really has helped to secure the future of the club but the downside is that, with running so regularly, dogs pick up injuries and niggles.

Hopefully this page has given a reasonable overview of the club.  For any additional queries please feel free to contact the club co-ordinators or Norah via e-mail on the website’s contact page.

Be lucky!

March 2013