Norahmac Racing Club & Kennels

Professional Greyhound Trainer, Racing Kennel & Owners Club

Norah Mac Racing – Club & Syndicates Terms & Conditions


The purpose of the Club and the Syndicates is to purchase and race greyhounds with the potential to run in Open and Graded races. The greyhounds will be based with leading trainer Norah McEllistrim, contracted at Hove, and will race there and at other venues.

The Club

The Club is intended for Members who wish to pay an annual one off fee and have a shared interest in a number of greyhounds with the potential of a dividend at the end of the year. It is anticipated that the Club will have a minimum of 4 greyhounds at any one time.

The Club year will commence on the 1st March and Members will pay a one off annual fee, currently £250 for each share. For anyone joining during the year, the fee will be calculated on a pro-rata basis. All training, running and associated costs will be borne by the Club and there will be nothing more to pay!

Accounts will be kept for each greyhound and if, at the end of the year, any individual greyhound shows a surplus of run and prize money over costs, Members will receive a share of such profits at the end of February. This dividend will be pro-rata to months of Membership.

The Syndicates

The Syndicates are aimed at Members who wish to have a personal interest in an individual greyhound and to pay a regular monthly bill which will cover all training, running and associated costs.

Syndicates will normally consist of 10 Members and to create a common identity they can all share in, the Syndicates will be named Norah Mac Racing plus the name of the greyhound.

Each Member will pay 1/10th of the purchase price of the greyhound and a monthly bill which will cover all costs.

Again there will be nothing more to pay, and run and prize money will be deducted from the bill each month. If there is a surplus at the end of February each year Members will be paid this as a dividend.


All matters relating to the purchase, training and welfare of the greyhounds is the sole responsibility of Norah McEllistrim. The Members, in joining the Club and Syndicates, agree to give Norah full entitlement to operate the training of the greyhounds in their best interests.


Failure to maintain ongoing payments, when due, will result in the Member forfeiting their share. No previous payments will be refunded.


Any awards or trophies won by the greyhounds will be distributed as fairly as possible. It is likely there will be more Members than trophies so distribution may occur through a draw system.

Subject to any track safety regulations, all Members  attending, when a greyhound wins a trophy, are very welcome to take part in the trophy presentation! Personalised photographs of such presentations can be organised on request.


Should the Club or any Syndicate be discontinued, any surplus monies, after meeting all associated costs, will be returned to Members.