The Kennel has four representatives in this year’s upcoming Greyhound Derby.

The runners with best prices  in brackets:

Cloheena Cash (500-1, Skybet), Rally Town (500-1, Skybet), Roseville Tiny (500-1, Skybet) and Broadstrand Bill (750-1, Skybet). For the latest prices check out www.

For those looking for a more down to earth punt on the runners, the club’s personal bookmaker will be in attendance in the owner’s room at the kennels this Sunday (8th), offering the following speciality bets:

Latest update following draw…

Which of the four to get the furthest in the tournament:

Cloheena Cash…….. 11-8

Rally Town ………….5-2

Broadstrand Bill……9-4

Roseville Tiny………10-3

NB: Bets stand so long as all four participate in at least one race, ie leave the traps in Round One.

Dead Heat rules apply if more than one dog exits the tournament in the same round, ie it’s not based on placings in the race.

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How far will they get:

Out in first round:

Cloheena Cash….5-2, Rally Town 11-8, Broadstrand Bill 2-1, Roseville Tiny 11-10.

Out in second round:

Cloheena Cash…..5-4, Rally Town Ev , Broadstrand Bill 4-6, Roseville Tiny 11-8.

Out in third round:

Cloheena Cash…6-4, Rally Town 5-1, Broadstrand Bill 7-2, Roseville Tiny 11-2.

Out in Quarter Finals:

Cloheena Cash… 5-1, Rally Town 8-1, Broadstrand Bill 6-1, Roseville Tiny 10-1.

Out in semi-finals or final:

Cloheena Cash…12-1, Rally Town 25-1, Broadstrand Bill 22-1, Roseville Tiny 33-1.

The definition of ‘out’ for betting purposes is to not take part in the actual heat on the night ie leave the traps in the next round. To clarify this includes getting through in the previous round but not participating in the next round’s heat. Greyhound(s) scratched before their first race, all bets void on that greyhound.

All odds on above events subject to fluctuation, stakes limited at the discretion of the management.