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Wendy (Hanover Lady) (12th Feb 2009) be b

Wendy’s win by a whisker, televised 17th May 2012. Wendy calling the tune in a hot heat, 13th June 2012.
Wendy, shows crucial early pace and holds off kennel mate Rally Town, in front of the Racing Post Greyhound TV cameras, 21st June 2012. Demonstrating her class and track experience, Wendy shows a decent bunch of sprinters a clean pair of paws – August 15th 2012.
Wendy dishing it out to some useful sorts 9th September 2012 Wendy takes command from the bend;13th October 2012
Wendy, the short priced, strong favourite “provides easy money for punters (on the) night.” November 17th, 2012. Wendy, back on song, in style, pockets the Owners Bonus Final. Top notch! December 8th, 2012.
Wendy, paces up in style and pulverises the field, January 6th 2013. ‘Snow joke’ as Wendy clocks the Norahmac Club’s fiftieth win in her usual game fashion!!, 20th January 2013.
Wendy nicks it despite giving them all a start, February 3rd 2013 Wendy shows the opposition a clean pair of paws for a trap to line victory, 27th March 2013
Wendy scoots clear and masters her field, winning with ease, 13th April 2013 Wendy shows the way home much to the delight of attending club members, enjoying the glitz and glamour of the trophy presentation, 29th May 2013
The six goes for the inside, and Wendy! A win on a technicality, June 2013 Wendy, 20/07/13, textbook trackcraft from the inimitable canine club queen! And a 16.38 run to boot!
Wendy holds sway by the narrowest of margins over kennel mate, and potentially top class pup, Glenvale Stevie, August 2013