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Oscar (Lima Oscar) (25th May 2009) bk d

Whether Plough Lane or Nevill Road, our journeyman wins in his turn. This time an A6 at Hove, April 25th. Oscar ‘leaves it to the judge’ winning an A6 on 16th June by the narrowest of margins… again!
Clearly Oscar has a longer head than most greyhounds, given how often he wins by a ‘short one’ – this another A6, 22nd June 2012. Lima Oscar, 29th July, lands a nice trophy for the club whose attendant members are all smiles for the podium presentation.
Oscar puts his best foot forward, completing a club double on the day (9th September 2012). ‘It’s the stripes’ despite ‘fun and games’ at the final bend. Oscar wins March 9th 2013.
A wonderful night! Oscar landing the trophy, in the race sponsored by Lee and Lisa – our Bermuda-based members. Their friends and club members enjoying a grand summer evening (July 2013) Lima Oscar, 30/06/13, makes the most of a midrace melee and holds on well enough following a lay-off.
Lima Oscar, 31/07/13, continues his Indian Summer with a storming win in an A7